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The catalogue for our current sale - number 198 -  can be downloaded here.

The highlights include:


George V Silver Jubilee including plenty of Varieties -  Lots 156-224

George VI Royal Silver Wedding - Lots 225-323

Bechuanaland - early postal history - Lots 557-582

Malta - Queen Elizabeth II varieties - Lots 1224-1370

Great Britain - 1d Blacks - Lots 1863-1883

Israel - Early Issues - Lots 2509-2528

Latin America - Lots 2637-2711

Clearance lots - Lots 2900-2949

Varieties, Specimen, Essays, Proofs, Postmarks & “Back of the Book”

material high-lighted throughout the catalogue


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All bids MUST be with us by 7pm on Wednesday 24 February 2021.

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Lot 1137 KUT GVI 3s SG 147ab showing Damage to Mountain variety. This is a fine example, the variety well clear of postmarks. Very scarce.

Lot 1959 Circa1879, an essay showing Queen Victoria on her throne. Marginal block of four with double perfs along top. It is a more ambitious design but not as good a quality as the others of that era. Unknown status any info about it greatly welcomed.

Lot 1792 Complete London Chronicle newspaper for Tues 31st May to Thurs 2nd June 1757 – far and away the oldest lot in the catalogue. It is in excellent condition and shows (above) a fine example of NWPS ½d stamp tax at the bottom of page 2

Glossary of terms used in the catalogue:

VFU: FU: GU are Very fine used, Fine used, Good used

UM; LM; FM; MM are Unmounted mint, Lightly mounted mint, Fine mint and Mounted mint.

P by a lot means there is a photo on front or back cover

Bft Barefoot Br C Revenues;

Mi Michel;


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