Our Current Sale

The catalogue for our current sale - number 199 -  can be downloaded here.

Notable in this sale are large sections for: 


Australia & States Lots 362 to 468

Gambia Lots 903 to 931

Gibraltar inc Postal Stationery Lots 932 to 1017

Hong Kong inc Treaty Ports Lots 1062 to 1156

GB QV Line Engraved Lots 1916 to1998

GB QV Surface Printed Lots 1999 to 2058

French Colonies & POs Lots 2369 to2419

and for those looking for a real bargain there are our clearance lots: 2849 to 2918

 As usual, we have many fine British Commonwealth varieties throughout including

varieties, specimen, essays, proofs, postmarks & back of the book”

material highlighted throughout the catalogue.

quest199 edVII bookfront.jpg
quest199 edVII bookback.jpg

LOT 2168 GB EdVII booklet (SG BA6)

 A fine example of this scarce complete booklet. The front cover is a little worn but the perfs are excellent. This booklet was not issued until June 1911 a year after King Edward VII died and was quickly superseded by the first GV booklet issued that August. It was also the last time the PO charged for the booklet itself - the charge was an old halfpenny - doesn't sound much but it was not popular. Cat £2800. Est: £800.

quest199 edVII gambia.5d.jpg
quest199 edVII gambia.5da.jpg

Edward VII -  Slotted Frame varieties

 This is a little-known variety even though there was a detailed article in GSM 20 years ago. The slotted frame shows as a vertical break in the outer frame at the top right. It occurs on the EVII keyplate for various issues for Cayman Is, Gambia, St Helena and Seychelles


In this sale there are four examples shown here, three for Gambia (lots 913, 917 and 918), and Seychelles (lot 1675). Click on the stamp images to magnify them.

quest199 edVII gambia2d.jpg
quest199 edVII gambia.2db.jpg
quest199 edVII gambia6d.jpg
quest199 edVII seychelles3c.jpg
QUEST199 SEY.jpg

Glossary of terms used in the catalogue:

VFU: FU: GU are Very fine used, Fine used, Good used

UM; LM; FM; MM are Unmounted mint, Lightly mounted mint, Fine mint and Mounted mint.

P by a lot means there is a photo on front or back cover

Bft Barefoot Br C Revenues;

Mi Michel;


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