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Welcome to Sale 201

Bidding closes at 7pm on Wed 2nd MARCH 2022

(closing date a week later than usual so as not to clash with London 2022

Stampex International scheduled to run from Sat 19th to Sat 26th Feb)

We accept bids by email, phone, Fax or post

We ALWAYS acknowledge receipt of email bids

Many fine, scarce & unusual lots throughout the catalogue – a small selection illustrated on the front and back covers

Perhaps the highlight is lot 1881: GB QV 1d black plate 11 4-margins  with a red Maltese Cross postmark.

The stamp has some faults but this is a really scarce combination

Varieties, Specimen, Essays, Proofs, Postmarks & “Back of the Book” material highlighted throughout the catalogue

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Please contact me if you would like a hard copy of the catalogue, any scans or more general info about any lots

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Featured and interesting lots
1d black pt 11.jpg

LOT 1881: 1d greyish black pl 11 AK 4-marg U vert crease, tiny closed tear at top & slight surface damage brownish-red MX SG 3 Spec AS72e Cat £25,000. Estimate £500

lot 991.jpg

LOT 991: India 1925 GV 1r new design in grey-blue & brown inscr. Specimen UM. Delhi ptg. Estimate: £25

lot 990.jpg
lot 822.jpg

LOT 990: India Photographic Essay: 1965 40p Cobra (snake) akin to other designs magnified on card. Estimate: £50

lot 409.jpg

LOT 409:  Western Australia 1902/11 QV £1 orange-brown fine LM SG 128 Cat £425 Estimate £135

LOT 882: 1904/08 EVII £1 deep purple & black/red MCA wmk fine LM SG 64 Cat £650 Estimate £325

LOT 820: 933 Centenary £1 black & carmine GV portrait fine FM SG 138 Cat £2,500 Estimate: £1,100

lot 820.jpg

Glossary of terms used in the catalogue:

VFU: FU: GU are Very fine used, Fine used, Good used

UM; LM; FM; MM are Unmounted mint, Lightly mounted mint, Fine mint and Mounted mint.

P by a lot means there is a photo on front or back cover

Bft Barefoot Br C Revenues;

Mi Michel;


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