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LOT 317 Queensland: 1882/95 Chalon £1 deep green on thin paper fine MM SG 156 Cat £550 EST: £110

LOT 1205 ex: 1939 Airmail Postage set FU (10/- v fine Salamaua pmk) SG 212/225 Cat £850 EST: £250


LOT 1952: 1883/84 10/- ultramarine fine FM well centred SG 183 Cat £2250 EST: £450


LOT 1644: Mafia Is: 1915 GR Mafia in black on Yacht 45h black & mauve loz. UM SG M7A Cat £1100 EST: £360

Our Current Sale

Welcome to Sale 202

Bidding closes at 7pm on Wed 29 June 2022

Highlights this time include:

  • 1st instalment from a superb collection of SG-listed British Commonwealth varieties, which we will be lotting up over the next few sales. In this sale there are over 150 lots, highlighted in their individual countries. Estimates from £10 upwards

  • Interesting selection of GB QEII varieties (40 lots, 2180 to 2219), estimates from £6 upwards


  • Many fine British Commonwealth lots, some illustrated on the front and back covers, notably HK EVII & GV high values and a Nyasaland collection broken down into collector-friendly lots.


  • Pair of GB QV £5 oranges, the usual Postage & Revenue and the much scarcer Telegraph.

  • For 1d black collectors, more than 20 lots, mostly plated. And many more superb QV to GV high values


  • At the back of the catalogue, a larger than usual Clearance section. Bargains galore

With estimates ranging from £5 to £1500 we hope there will be plenty for everyone  

Varieties, Specimens, Essays, Proofs, Postmarks & “Back of the Book” material highlighted throughout the catalogue. Use the Search facility in your browser to help you find all the lots in your areas of interest. Please contact us if you would like a hard copy of the catalogue, any scans or more general info about any lots We accept bids by email, phone, Fax or post

We ALWAYS acknowledge receipt of email bids

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LOT 1416: St Helena 1922/37 GV £1 grey & purple/red MCA wmk fine LM SG 96 Cat £450 EST: £225


LOT 1888: 1867/83 10/- grey-green Anchor Unus no gum opt Specimen SG J125t Cat £9500 EST: £250

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Gibraltar 743.jpg
nyassaland 1317.jpg

LOT 400: Barbados 1873 Britannia 6d orange-verm large star wmk FU Barbados A No 19 73 cds SG 60 Cat £95  EST: 20

LOT 628: Ceylon 1921/32 GV 20r black & red/blue Die II Script FU Registered cds SG 357 Cat £400 (EST: £75

LOT 1317: Nyasaland 1891/95 BCA 5/- orange-yellow FU part Abercorn cds pmks SG 12 Cat £120 (1)  EST: £40

LOT 743: Gibraltar 1906/11 EVII 4/- bl & carm Reversed MCA wmk MM toned, fine appearance SG 73x Cat £1800  EST: £180

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Ireland 934.jpg

LOT 2164: Andrew Restall Essay: 1983 Br Fairs Photoplate Essay of design for 15½p stamp which was 75 never issued. The eventual 31p stamp was based on this design  EST: £75

LOT 935: Ireland 1925/28 Saorstat wide & narrow dates prs 2/6d, 5/-,10/- FM (10/- LM) SG 83a/85a Cat £2050 Est: £900


LOT 1428: St Helena 1934 Centenary 10/- black & purple LM SG 123 Cat £300  EST: 150

India 854.jpg

LOT 854: India 1854/55 4a blue & red Frame I, Die I 4-marg cut square FU rhomboid dots SG 17 Cat £1300  EST: £130

finland 2348.jpg

LOT 2348: Finland 1866 20p blue missing just 1 tooth; 40p rose full teeth G/FU cds pmks SG 36, 40 Cat £260  EST: £20

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japan 2640.jpg

LOT 434:  Bermuda 1918/22 GV 10/- green & carmine on pale bluish green MCA wmk FU SG 54 Cat £350 EST:  £70

LOT 2640:  Japan 1871 500m green 4-marg used neat pmk SOTW 15b Cat £550  EST: £40

Glossary of terms used in the catalogue:

VFU: FU: GU are Very fine used, Fine used, Good used

UM; LM; FM; MM are Unmounted mint, Lightly mounted mint, Fine mint and Mounted mint.

P by a lot means there is a photo on front or back cover

Bft Barefoot Br C Revenues;

Mi Michel;


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